Skin Expert & Educator

Originating from a Mediterranean background Flora has had her own personal experience in how it feels not to be comfortable with your own skin, whether its an outbreak of spots or unwanted hairs, regardless if your male or female.

“I know how it feels, and that feeling has driven me through my career to help my clients in any way possible. You come to me with a problem, and I will find you a solution”

Flora is all about sustainable results and educating her clients and keeping in touch with them through their therapies helps her achieve this. This philosophy has led her to become one of the best Educators and Beauty Examiners in England, teaching the next generation of Beauty Therapists at the top Beauty Schools in London.

“I realized that by becoming an educator, passing on my knowledge to the next generation of Beauty Therapists, I would be able to reach out to more people, helping them find that therapy, or treatment or ‘solution’ to their needs”

Passion, love and dedication for what Flora does is the bedrock of everything Flora has achieved, and this can be seen from the impressive results displayed in the ‘results’ page. From life saving referrals, to confidence boosting therapies, the list of ‘solutions’ (treatments) is an impressive one.

“When im treating my clients, it is like a journey we take together, and the feeling of exhilaration when we get the desired results is second to none. That elation is what aspires me to keep driving forward to be the best I can be.”

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